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MFC Wood

Flexible machine concepts for wood window produktion

Highly flexible and universally applicable for processing of wood profiles. Proven RAPID machine building quality in connection with modern and sophisticated control technology sets new standards regarding:Standard equipment:

  • Flexibility: All profiles are processed on the face. Therefore profile depending parts are not necessary.
  • Processing variety: The rotation-device principle enables tool positioning independent of the angle.
  • Performance: Modern CNC control engineering allows fast operational sequences. All operations are automated.
  • User-Friendliness: The intuitive and logical user interface enables a user-friendly operation with this machine. The actual true values and machining operations are shown on the operating screens of the machine. Machining operations are grafically supported.
  • Touch screen with Windows XP (embedded). Clear, easy to use visual controls.
  • Door-profile processing is by standard tools possible.
  • Rotation device 360 degree technology, configuration up to 6 tools (fig. 2). The power supply line by cable drag chain on the tool supports. The rotation range is limited to 0-360 degrees.
  • Scanner to read the data information from a barcode of the label

Standard equipment:

  • In feed magazine, up to 10 profiles.
  • CNC-Control on a PC with a  Windows user interface embedded.
  • To operate via Touch-Screen-TFT display (fig. 3).
  • Milling and drilling module MFC with aggregates wich are placed on a ring.
  • Out feed axis
  • Automatical (fig. 4a) or manual (fig. 4b) scanner to read barcode label.
  • Extraction (optional)

Suitable for:

  • Wood

Used machine: Available

  • Technical Data
Profile measures Width max. 145 mm, min. 40 mm
Height max. 85 mm, min. 45 mm
Part lengths min. 400 mm
max. 3500
Measurements 11000/4000/2700 (L/W/H mm)
Weight 4250 kg
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